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Advantages & Benefits
Digital Medical Billing Inc. is a fully integrated healthcare consulting company. In addition to medical billing services dmbi also provides management consulting and emergency staffing solutions on a cost-plus basis to insure that all clients' billing cycles continue uninterrupted. There are numerous advantages gained in using Dmbi's two-tier process and the DigiDMS medical billing and office management system. The three most important advantages will be accelerated cash-flow, reduction of overall expenses, and increased profitability as well as the following:

  • 12-15% average increase in monthly collections
  • Rapid identification and resolution of all denied claims from the clearing house and explanation of benefits with their respective appeals
  • Complete accounting of all payments posted to match doctor's deposits
    A full history of patients' insurance coverage stored with scanned images of all previous insurance ID cards
  • Automated ANSI error checking prior to electronic submission of all claims
  • Electronic submission of paper claims
  • Route Slips with customizable ICD/CPT sets
  • Batch printing of secondary claims sent out at the time of posting
  • Fully trained billing staff constantly updated with insurance policy changes
  • Complete installation of DigiDMS medical office management software with training for appointment scheduling, scanning, filing, and preliminary billing
  • Extensive Financial Reports to analyze all stages of the billing cycle and to measure the overall productivity of a physician's practice.
  • Continuous monitoring of outstanding claims and follow-up on all re-submitted claims.
  • Error free data entry